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Lucien Paul Stanfield, relationship counselling
Relationship Counselling by Lucien Stanfield


My name is Lucien Paul Stanfield. I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist and I have been seeing clients for over 19 years.

My original training was in Existential-Phenomenological therapy, which has a strong focus on trying to understand how life is experienced by the client, their life choices, and how and why they are being, or not being, all they can be. My thesis was titled, “I and Thou: An Exploration of Intersubjectivity”, which explored the philosophy of relationship.

To this basis, I added many other therapy perspectives. These include work on focussing (Gendlin), body psychotherapy (especially derived from Porges’ research into Poly Vagal Theory), attachment-based psychotherapy (Bowlby, Ainsworth), Emotionally Focussed Therapy, and a wide range of work derived from neurologically-orientated Biological/Social Psychology. I undertook the first stage of specific training in EFT in 2016. I am a member of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT). 

In my role as CEO and Clinical Director, I established the Claremont Psychotherapy and Art Psychotherapy services. Claremont’s many therapists have served North London with low-cost therapies for over 15 years. I also developed Claremont Project as an award-winning centre and charity for older people’s arts and well-being services. It now has over 20,000 visits a year.

My broader career background includes working in international relations and business strategy consulting. I have lived in a number of countries and the UK is my home.

Everyone knows that relationships are hard. The love and desire we feel when we fall in love can get lost over time. Job changes, children, health, and a host of other responsibilities and circumstances all have impacts on our core relationships. I’ve experienced many relationship highs and lows over the years and just because I’m a therapist doesn’t mean that I’ve been immune to them.

What I’ve learned, especially through the Emotionally Focussed Therapy (EFT) approach, is that through knowledge, courage, honesty and love, we can grow and flourish in our relationships and in ourselves. We can’t be “cured” of being human (!) but we can get much better at relationships and fulfilling our human capacity to love and be loved.

I hope to have the opportunity of working with you and look forward to you being in contact.

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I take on only a small number of clients each year.