Call Confirmation

You are booked in!


Please read the information below…

ONE: For our call, please make sure you’re in a quiet area without distractions.

I might want to share my screen with you to show you information, so please be on a laptop or desktop, not a mobile phone.
Please don’t be driving a car, flying your own jet, trading some commodity, or wrangling sheep, cats, or children… (You’d be amazed what some callers have been doing!)


TWO: Our meeting will be conducted on Zoom.


The Zoom link for our session is in the schedule confirmation email.


Please use that link to join the session a couple minutes ahead of our scheduled time. Please email me if you can’t find it.


Before the session, please make sure everything works and you don’t have issues with the audio and video on your computer.


You can test that here:


THREE: I want to help you. I have an excellent, long-standing professional reputation. This is not spammy, hard-sell, or fly-by-night stuff.


My aim on the call is to figure out where you’re at, to let you know that I’ve understood your situation, and to give you some intial thoughts about next steps. For that to happen, I’ll need to ask you some questions and it’s important that you give me the brutal truth.


For a select few people that I talk to, there is a clear fit between what they need and what I’m good at. Where there isn’t a good fit, experience has taught me that there is little point for either of us in trying to shoehorn in a solution. I have no interest in “selling”. I love doing what I do and if your needs fit, then it’s win for both of us. When it’s not, no-one tends to be happy.


If I think I can help you further, I will invite you to become one of a very small number of clients in this program.


Check out the program (and me) before the call here:


If you have any questions about the above, please me know.


I look forward to speaking to you soon.


Best wishes,






This is a one-to-one session: Just you and me. This is not a group session.


I get very booked and want to provide great service on these calls. I only want to reserve this for people who are serious about keeping their appointment.


So please just make sure, right now, that you accept our invite in your calendar. Please do what you need to do to make sure you don’t miss this appointment.


If for some reason you need to cancel, please let me know right away, so that someone else doesn’t lose a spot. Thank you!


If you need to cancel or reschedule, there are links to do that in the calendar event invite I have just sent you.


I DO NOT offer second calls to no-shows. If you do not show up for the call you will NOT be able to book another.